Meet the designers who have worked hand-in-hand with CRKT to translate their creative and innovative designs into affordable production knives and tools.

At CRKT we are exceptionally proud to collaborate with the leading knifemakers, inventors and industrial designers in our product development. They are among the most respected craftsmen and artists in our industry. We work to carry out their creative and innovative designs to the highest quality standards possible, enabling you to own, use, and collect innovative production knives and tools. You'll see many of our past and present designers at the CRKT booths at major trade shows. They take great pride in their custom knives and CRKT production work, and they look forward to visiting with you. Thanks to them, there is a remarkable range of designs in this catalog, with many more to follow in the future. We strive to offer the best-built affordable production knives and tools in the industry.

We have also been privileged to work with many designers in our more than 20 years in business. Learn more about designers we've worked with in the past here.