Affiliate Program

Founded in 1994, CRKT is a leader in quality knives and tools developed in collaboration with the best makers and designers in the industry. From day one, we put innovation and integrity first and operate on a simple principle - that the greatest thing we can give our customers is Confidence in Hand®. 

Headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, we partner with manufacturers in the US and abroad to make the highest quality products that inspire and endure. Our knives have been trusted by hard working men and women to get the job done on the battlefield to the back forty for three decades. 

Join our team as an affiliate and help spread the word about our products. As a thank you, we’ll pay you a commission on every product you sell.

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • 7% commision on sales tracked and attributed to your link

  • 30 day cookie duration 

  • Average order value of $110+ 

  • Free shipping on order of $75

  • Seasonal promotions and sales 

  • Consistent new product releases 

  • Loyal customer base

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products

We look forward to your partnership! 

PPC Policy: CRKT restricts affiliates from keyword bidding on the following terms and their misspellings: CRKT,  Columbia River Knife and Tool, M16 knife/knives, Pilar knife/knives, Squid knife/knives, Minimalist knife/knives, CEO knife/knives, Provoke knife/knives, Chogan axe/tomahawk, Razel knife/knives, CRKT Coupon Code(s), CRKT discount, CRKT Sale, CRKT Offers, Confidence in Hand, CRKT Discount Code, CRKT Promo Codes(s), CRKT Voucher Codes. Use of domain names containing CRKT brand terms and their misspellings including any of the above-referenced wording violates the terms of the affiliate relationship.

We ask that you use our approved brand materials provided for your marketing needs.