Sponsorship & Donations

We sincerely appreciate you thinking of CRKT® when exploring companies to work with for your promotional program/event/charity/product reviews/or social collaboration.

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, we are unable to accommodate everyone that requests CRKT® knives and tools for these types of opportunities.

At this time we have established channels for these partnerships and are proud to work with many great events, individuals, and organizations, in our industry and community.

Considering the large volume of these types of requests, we have established the following guidelines to follow in making these requests. These guidelines must be followed for CRKT® to consider your proposal.

  • Submit your request online via the completed request form below.

  • Event sponsorship requests must be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the event.

  • CRKT® is only able to accept one request per organization per year.

  • Understand that even if we’ve participated in your event/adhered to your request in the past, we do not guarantee future, recurring support.

  • All donations and sponsorships are subject to CRKT®’s discretion.

  • CRKT® has established channels for product development and field testing. At this moment, we are not donating individual items for that purpose.

  • Only requests that responsibly meet the above criteria set will receive a response.


Thanks again for your interest in CRKT®.

To learn more about the industry and community associations we’ve formed throughout the years, please see our Alliances page here.