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Provoke® Aluminum angled feature highlight
Provoke® Aluminum angled feature highlight
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Serve. Protect.

The Provoke® First Responder morphing karambit knife is among the first to feature Kinematic® technology, staying neatly tucked away in transit and coming to life when there’s trouble afoot. The specially designed sheath that comes with this package includes multiple carry options. This model features a glass breaker and was designed specifically with men and women in uniform in mind.
  • Unique Innovation Kinematic® deploys the blade with push of the thumb
  • Glass Breaker Ceramic stud for emergency situations
  • Superior Performance D2 blade steel for excellent edge retention
  • Durable Sheath Multiple carry options
Joe Caswell portrait

DesignerJoe CaswellNewbury Park, California

Moto Journalist. Viking Sword Pattern Welder. Inventor. Custom knife designer. It’s safe to say that Joe is cut of a special cloth. And now, he can add “industry disruptor” to his resume. With the release of Kinematic, he invariably secures himself a position among the knife world’s greatest. From humble beginnings in his homemade forge occupying his rented condo’s garage, he’s built a name for himself one hard working late night at a time, and we can’t wait to see what comes from his inspired creativity next.

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