A note about specifications on this web site and in our catalogs.

Columbia River Knife & Tool® has an active quality assurance program, and carefully checks every product throughout its production run. We arrive at published specifications by weighing and measuring prototypes and early production samples. However, the buyer should understand that minor variations may occur.

Blade lengths.

Blade lengths are measured according to 2006 American Knife and Tool Institute guidelines. However, blade grinds and edges are still processes done by hand by skilled workers, so there will be slight variations. In general, these may result in a difference in blade lengths of a few thousands of an inch.


Published weights of knives manufactured by automated processes, such as stamping, laser cutting, CNC machining and injection molding, will show very little variation in finished products. When products use hand-shaped natural materials such as leather, hardwood, bone and horn, some slight variation in weights should be expected.

When different edges are available on a given knife, we publish weights for knives with Razor-Sharp (plain) edges. Obviously, those models with Triple-Point or Veff Serrations weigh a fraction of an ounce less than the plain-edged models.

Colors and textures.

Colors and textures in photographs are as close as modern reproduction processes permit, but variations occur in finishing processes such as anodizing and titanium nitride coating, our swirled CPL scales, in layered resin impregnated fiber and G10, and in natural materials such as leather, bone, hardwood, and horn, so visit your local CRKT® retailer and view actual products under natural lighting conditions to ensure complete satisfaction.

Beware of counterfeit CRKT® products.

If you encounter a "CRKT®" product which varies significantly from our published specs, it may be a counterfeit. We have encountered a variety of fraudulent CRKT® counterfeit products on websites and through unauthorized back door channels.

Specifications on CRKT® products are subject to change without notice.