2265XolotlLiner Lock


Xolotl™ Liner Lock} vertical profile
Xolotl™ Liner Lock profile horizontal
Xolotl™ Liner Lock angled tip
Xolotl™ Liner Lock angled back
Xolotl™ Liner Lock angled feature highlight
Xolotl™ Liner Lock angled feature highlight
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Adorned in details yet powerfully simple, the Xolotl™ /show-low-tl/ is an everyday carry folding knife with a tactical spirit.

It hardly occupies more space than a fountain pen but comes out swinging with a fast flipper opening and a sleek, spear-point blade. From the 14th century battlefield to the modern pocket, the Xolotl™ is the knife to have on hand.

Michael Rodriguez's charity of choice for this knife is the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation.

Established in 2016, the Forged by War® program spearheaded a collaboration between CRKT and Veterans, inviting real life warriors to apply their knowledge and experience to design a specialty line of mission-ready knives and tools. In addition to receiving commission on their designs, a portion of the profits are donated to the Veterans’ charity of choice. CRKT is proud to offer this dedicated collection to support the participating charities on a national level.

  • Easy to Sharpen high carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well
  • Fast Opening The flipper deploys the blade fast
  • Exceptional Grip G10 handle provides exceptional grip in all conditions
  • Carry Options Adjustable clip for left or right hand carry
  • Easy Closing Liner lock can be easily closed with one hand
Michael Rodriguez portrait

DesignerMichael RodriguezFayetteville, North Carolina

Michael R. Rodriguez was one of only two Americans to ever graduate the Irish Army Ranger Wing Sniper Course which he did at the top of his class and he's one of President George W. Bush's advisors. Truly, if we attempted to list the rest of his accolades, we’d run out of ink. His experience as a combat veteran pivoted when he met Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical during a recovery period. Then, forging knives and tools became a passion project for him—one that is starkly reflected in his products that we are proud to represent in our Forged By War™ program.

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