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Razel™ Nax angled tip
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Built up to take on bigger tasks.

What do you get when you cross a knife with an axe? The answer is the Razel™ Nax. It takes the chisel blade of the standard Razel™ and scales it up, adding a long, full-tang handle to transform it into a hybrid tool like no other. Now you can push cut, scrape, slice, and chop with a single blade.
  • Forged Tough 1075 carbon steel provides durability and edge retention
  • Multi-Purpose Utility Chisel blade useful for push cutting or scraping
  • Strong and Visual Micarta handle combines strength with visual appeal
  • Gear Compatible Durable Kydex sheath with mounting options
  • Retention Factor Leather loop feature secures knife inside sheath
Jon Graham portrait

DesignerJon GrahamCleveland, Tennessee

Jon Graham of Cleveland, Tennessee, was born to a father who had an appreciation for knives, and at a young age he was taught the importance of a good knife. "At the age of seven I got my first knife, and haven't been without one since." In the late '80s while stationed at Aviaono AB Italy, Jon discovered handmade knives in a magazine and knew that was something he wanted to do. After getting out of the Air Force and settling into a job, Jon started making kit knives on a table with basic tools in 1994. Tired of making other people's designs, in 1999 Jon asked his brother Josh to go in on some equipment and learn how to make knives by stock removal. He has been hooked ever since, and constantly strives to improve his designs and skills, building on his experience as a diesel technician. Graham Knives specializes in utility tactical designs with an emphasis on E.D.C. fixed blade pocket knives, but his favorite knife line is the custom Razel with dual edges, which the company makes in many sizes and styles. He is designer of the CRKT Razel and Folding Razel.

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