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5920MbomboFrame Lock


Mbombo™ Frame Lock vertical profile
Mbombo™ Frame Lock profile horizontal
Mbombo™ Frame Lock angled tip
Mbombo™ Frame Lock angled back
Mbombo™ Frame Lock angled feature highlight
Mbombo™ Frame Lock angled feature highlight
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From ancient mythology to the last frontier.

Knife designer Darriel Caston named the Mbombo™ after a Kuba god of creation and based the design on a custom knife he was commissioned to make for the crew of a SpaceX mission. With a Damascus steel cleaver blade that propels open like a rocket and a sleek titanium handle that glides into a pocket, its unique design and capability make it a suitable EDC for any environment, from urban to outer space.
  • Premium Materials Damascus blade steel durability and edge retention
  • Multi-Purpose Utility Cleaver blade with sharpened front edge useful for push cutting
  • Strong and Lightweight Titanium handle combines strength with minimal weight
  • Brute Strength Frame lock utilizes a thick lock bar to secure the blade
  • Low Profile Pocket clip provides secure carry
Darriel Caston portrait

DesignerDarriel CastonFolsom, California

An electrical engineer by trade, Darriel Caston uses knife design as an avenue to express his artistic side. He has been making high-end folders for decades and has earned wide recognition for his detailed and intricate designs. More than tools, his knives stand on their own as works of art and conversation starters, finding their way into the display cases of collectors and the pockets of enthusiasts who appreciate the style and craftsmanship of a premium EDC.

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