3801KLCK +Liner Lock


LCK + Liner Lock} vertical profile
LCK + Liner Lock profile horizontal
LCK + Liner Lock angled tip
LCK + Liner Lock angled back
LCK + Liner Lock angled feature highlight
LCK + Liner Lock angled feature highlight
LCK + Liner Lock angled feature highlight
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Everyday carry meets black tie affair.

Matthew Lerch’s LCK + folding knife returns with upgraded materials and a fresh, all-black look. It starts with the titanium nitride-coated S35VN steel blade, which boasts improved toughness, exceptional wear resistance, and a razor-sharp edge. Move on to the handle and you’ll find marbled carbon fiber for a strong-but-lightweight feel, not to mention a striking appearance that accentuates the already sleek and elegant design.
  • Premium Materials S35VN blade steel provides superior cutting performance
  • Smooth Opening IKBS™ ball bearing pivot deploys the blade smooth
  • Fast Opening Flipper deploys the blade fast
  • High Tech Carbon fiber handle is strong and lightweight
  • Easy Closing Liner lock can be easily closed with one hand
  • Low Profile Deep carry clip rides low in the pocket
Matthew Lerch portrait

DesignerMatthew LerchSussex, Wisconsin

What happens when you cross art and mechanics? You get something that looks like Matthew Lerch. Trained initially as a jeweler/watchmaker, he progressed into manufacturing and tool making. Now he has a few patents under his belt for innovations, like the Fire Safe®, and has been honored with some prestigious awards including the Buster Warenski award. Matt views knives as functional art, as evidenced in his Moxie™ and Blade Show award-winning Endorser™ design.

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