5042BHirinLiner Lock


Hirin™ Liner Lock} vertical profile
Hirin™ Liner Lock profile horizontal
Hirin™ Liner Lock angled tip
Hirin™ Liner Lock angled back
Hirin™ Liner Lock angled feature highlight
Hirin™ Liner Lock angled feature highlight
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Centuries of tradition meets infinite imagination.

One look at the Hirin™ is all it takes to know it’s something special. The detailed acid-etch pattern of the Super Dense Twist™ Damasteel® blade. The anodized titanium handle and bead-blasted stainless steel screws. The striking skeleton construction, both organic and otherworldly. Even the bespoke pocket clip, also Damasteel®, perfectly complements the knife’s sleek, symmetrical shape.
  • Well Built Made in Italy
  • Premium Materials Super Dense Twist™ Damasteel® blade steel provides superior cutting performance
  • Strong and Lightweight Titanium handle combines strength with minimal weight
  • Premium Materials Super Dense Twist™ Damasteel® pocket clip for incomparable toughness and strength
Dew Hara portrait

DesignerDew HaraSeki, Japan

Dew Hara is a product of his environment… literally. Makers in his hometown of Seki, Japan, are famous for designing and producing some of the best fine kitchen cutlery in the world. He also carries the world-famous Hara name; his father, Koji Hara, is one of the most respected designers alive. Dew’s work stands solidly on its own, though—his ability to infuse elements from the natural world is unparalleled, and he’s only just scratched the surface of what’s sure to be a long and productive career.

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