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2640Clever GirlDeadbolt®


Clever Girl™ Deadbolt® vertical profile
Clever Girl™ Deadbolt® profile horizontal
Clever Girl™ Deadbolt® angled tip
Clever Girl™ Deadbolt® angled back
Clever Girl™ Deadbolt® angled feature highlight
Clever Girl™ Deadbolt® angled feature highlight
Forged to look its best when things get ugly.

When you’re in a combat situation in dark, CQB environments, you want something you can draw fast and use instinctively. Enter the Clever Girl™ tactical knife with Deadbolt® lock.

Austin McGlaun's charity of choice for this knife is OATH.

Established in 2016, the Forged by War® program spearheaded a collaboration between CRKT and Veterans, inviting real life warriors to apply their knowledge and experience to design a specialty line of mission-ready knives and tools. In addition to receiving commission on their designs, a portion of the profits are donated to the Veterans’ charity of choice. CRKT is proud to offer this dedicated collection to support the participating charities on a national level.

  • Strong And Simple Deadbolt® lock provides incredible strength and it's easy to use
  • Smooth Opening IKBS™ ball bearing pivot deploys the blade smooth
  • Exceptional Grip G10 handle provides grip in all conditions
Austin McGlaun portrait

DesignerAustin McGlaunSpring Lake Park, Minnesota

There are those who fight with knives. There are others who design them. And then…there’s Austin. Having served in the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, and as a street cop in Columbus, GA, he knows that a knife has to work as both a weapon and a tool. As part of the Forged By War® program he applied his skills as both a combat vet and knife maker to develop the Clever Girl™. Not to mention a new way to bring his fellow soldiers home. When asked about his design philosophy, he’ll tell you that if a knife is ugly but effective, it’s not ugly. It’s perfect.

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