CRKT25th Anniversary

CRKT® as it’s known today has been a quarter century in the making. From day one, we’ve put innovation and integrity first. We made a commitment to build knives and tools that inspire and endure. It was our desire to work with the best designers to bring their custom knife designs to market at an affordable price. To differentiate us from our worthy competition, we made a concerted effort to find unique products crafted by our friends in the custom knifemaking arena. Now, innovation is an obsession at CRKT®. After 25 years, we are proud of the relationships we’ve made and continue to make. It’s truly our connections with these makers that make all the difference.

While the hardworking knives and tools are the face of CRKT®, it’s the people and the partners behind the scenes that matter most and we’re extremely proud of these growing partnerships.  We’ve also released of two industry-shifting innovations, which we believe are perfect examples of what’s been and what’s to come.

First up is Deadbolt®. Invented by Flavio Ikoma, it’s proof that there’s incredible strength in simplicity. Admire it in this year’s Xoc™ and Seismic™. Kinematic™ is next. With it, Joe Caswell has single handedly pulled the folder into the future. See what we mean—take a look at the new Provoke™.

In the end though, our designers, and most importantly the men and women that have protected and served our country are our guiding light. Always have been. It’s one of the reasons we started the Forged By War® program in which we produce mission-ready tools, designed by warriors, with a portion of the CRKT® profits donated to the veterans’ charity of choice.

To do right by this momentous occasion, we’re releasing a limited-edition 25th Anniversary Italian Homefront™ with Field Strip and the Clever Girl™ Folder. Both innovations have marked a true commitment to pushing the limits of knife technology—a trait that has characterized our business model since day one. Watch the well-wishes from our industry friends and colleagues for a sneak preview. This knife is proof that we’re celebrating our silver anniversary in style.

To our loyal customers and especially the men and women who serve our country, thank you for being with us throughout the last 25 years of our journey. We invite you to join us for the next 25 with Confidence in Hand®.

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