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Freyr™ Axe vertical profile
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Freyr™ Axe angled tip
Freyr™ Axe angled back
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Black / 1055 Carbon Steel Steel / Tennessee Hickory Handle

Norse design with a soul that’s all American.

Why meddle with an axe shape that has been tried and true for over a thousand years? That’s the logic designer and veteran Elmer Roush brings to the Freyr™ tactical axe. The deep beard echoes Viking style. But its balance and pure burliness boosts it into a contemporary league all its own. Shield and Viking battle cry not included.

Elmer Roush's charity of choice for this knife is the Green Beret Foundation.

Established in 2016, the Forged by War® program spearheaded a collaboration between CRKT and Veterans, inviting real life warriors to apply their knowledge and experience to design a specialty line of mission-ready knives and tools. In addition to receiving commission on their designs, a portion of the profits are donated to the Veterans’ charity of choice. CRKT is proud to offer this dedicated collection to support the participating charities on a national level.

  • Forged Tough 1055 Carbon steel provides durability and edge retention
  • More than chop Beard on axe head tackles many useful cutting tasks
  • Durable Tennessee hickory is a dense material that withstands hard use