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Williams Defense Pen Grivory®} vertical profile
Williams Defense Pen Grivory® profile horizontal
Williams Defense Pen Grivory® angled tip
Williams Defense Pen Grivory® angled back
Williams Defense Pen Grivory® angled feature highlight
Williams Defense Pen Grivory® angled feature highlight
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Battleship Gray / Grivory® Handle

Meet a whole new kind of pocket protector.

Keep it in your backpack, purse, pocket, or anywhere you normally carry a pen, because that’s exactly what it is. Everyone else will see it as a stylish writing instrument—and they won’t be wrong—but you’ll know that it’s more than that. Should the need arise, the Williams Defense Pen is ready to strike.
  • Discreet Convenience Low profile writing pen
  • Strong and Lightweight Grivory® handle combines strength with minimal weight
  • Write Anywhere Ink cartridge developed for extreme environmental conditions
James Williams portrait

DesignerJames WilliamsVass, North Carolina

You don’t want to mess with Sensei James Williams. A former U.S. Army officer with more than 50 years of experience in the martial arts, he developed The System of Strategy. It’s a unique approach to unarmed combat that he teaches to Special Operations units and law enforcement worldwide. When he is armed, though, you’ll find him brandishing blades he’s created, like the Hisshou® and Hissatsu™ fixed blades, the Shizuka noh Ken™, and the now-legendary Hissatsu™ folder.

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