9705Williams Defense KeyAccessory


Williams Defense Key Accessory vertical profile
Williams Defense Key Accessory profile horizontal
Williams Defense Key Accessory angled tip
Williams Defense Key Accessory angled back
Williams Defense Key Accessory angled feature highlight
No one will know it’s there. Until it’s time to use it.

Former Army officer and martial arts instructor, James Williams is a man who knows the value of a well-designed defense tool. Cleverly disguised as an innocuous key, the ergonomic handle and pointed end come in strong when a situation heats up. This is concealed carry that fits on a keyring.
  • Convenient Use Key ring for quick access
  • Ergonomics Handle is well balanced and provides a secure grip
  • Phillips screwdriver
James Williams portrait

DesignerJames WilliamsVass, North Carolina

You don’t want to mess with Sensei James Williams. A former U.S. Army officer with more than 50 years of experience in the martial arts, he developed The System of Strategy. It’s a unique approach to unarmed combat that he teaches to Special Operations units and law enforcement worldwide. When he is armed, though, you’ll find him brandishing blades he’s created, like the Hisshou® and Hissatsu™ fixed blades, the Shizuka noh Ken™, and the now-legendary Hissatsu™ folder.

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