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TPENBOND2Techliner Super ShortyPen


Techliner™ Super Shorty Pen} vertical profile
Techliner™ Super Shorty Pen profile horizontal
Your job’s too important for a drugstore pen. Bring along a pen that sticks around. The Techliner™ Super Shorty pen is a new take on the can’t-go-without-it original. It’s built to impress with a sleek, ergonomically machined body and magnetic ends that stick solidly to clipboards, desk legs, and workbenches so it’s always within arm’s reach.
  • Secure Cap Magnetic ends secure cap and attach to surfaces
  • Strong and Lightweight Aluminum handle combines strength with minimal weight
  • Visual Appeal Blue anodized body
  • Compact Size Easy to carry
  • Write Anywhere Ink cartridge developed for extreme environmental conditions
Mike Bond portrait

DesignerMike BondHonolulu, Hawaii

Bond, Mike Bond…a last name with big shoes to fill. But, if you ask Mike, he’ll tell you he’s more Q than James (we still think he’s a secret agent). Mike is well known for his contributions to the multi-tool and pen market with his utility-enhanced carabiners and his patented magnetically capped pen, the TechLiner. Head honcho at Ti2 Design, Mike operates his shop on the island of Oahu and is known throughout the EDC industry as a consummate gadgeteer.

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