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9913Pry Cutter KeychainTool


Pry Cutter Keychain Tool vertical profile
Pry Cutter Keychain Tool profile horizontal
Pry Cutter Keychain Tool angled tip
Pry Cutter Keychain Tool angled back
Pry Cutter Keychain Tool angled feature highlight
The keychain carry that tackles on-the-go tasks.

This compact keychain multitool is small enough to take with you everywhere; a utilitarian solution to jobs on the go. Part of Joe Wu’s Scout Tools collection, the Pry Cutter Keychain Tool™ features several key components from a cord cutter to a bit driver tool, making it as essential as the keys you carry with it.
  • Ultimate Durability Stainless steel handle withstands hard use
  • Useful Utility Replaceable cord cutter
  • Multi-Use Pry bar section can tackle utility tasks
  • Convenient Bottle opener for your favorite beverage
  • Useful Utility 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" hex wrenches built into the tool
  • Versatile Utility Multi-position o-ring secured PH1 hex bit
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DesignerJoe WuMountain View, California

Always tinkering and seeking new ways to improve existing designs, Joe Wu got his start in product design with Scout Leather Co. by making products from personal necessity and experience. He’s been taking his ideas and honing his shop skills over the last few years by using traditional methods with a modern approach. His designs and ideas are driven by simplicity and the user experience; good design doesn’t have to be complicated.

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