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1032 Nathan's Knife Kit Lockback


 Nathan's Knife Kit  Lockback vertical profile
 Nathan's Knife Kit  Lockback profile horizontal
 Nathan's Knife Kit  Lockback angled tip
 Nathan's Knife Kit  Lockback angled back
 Nathan's Knife Kit  Lockback angled feature highlight
Nathan's Knife Kit has been widely adopted as the go-to teaching tool to instill knife safety and responsibility for youth worldwide.

Award winning, Oregon based designer, Glenn Klecker and his son Nathan, developed this wood knife kit as a family crafts project that is not only a great engineering lesson in how a folding knife works, but also a creative woodworking project that can be painted, stained, or drawn on for fun.

To view a PDF of the instructions click here.
  • Wood knife kit
  • Teach knife safety and responsibility
  • Family Crafts Project Recommended for kids 7 and up
Glenn Klecker portrait

DesignerGlenn KleckerSilverton, Oregon

Knifemaking is in the Klecker genes. Glenn, an engineer with a passion for knife and tool design, knows how to use them firsthand, having led a marine detachment in Desert Storm. Meanwhile, his son Nathan helped build the wooden Nathan’s Knife Kit that teaches kids knife safety. Glenn’s innovative locking mechanism, dubbed the “Klecker Lock,” is featured on several CRKT® production models, including the popular NIRK™ Tighe and Graphite™ knives.

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