9911-2 Hex Bit Driver Tool


 Hex Bit Driver  Tool vertical profile
 Hex Bit Driver  Tool profile horizontal
Pint-sized fix-it power.

The Hex Bit Driver Tool is a pocket-sized version of your can’t-live-without-it shop favorite. Designed with an extra bearing for quick takedown and assembly and a surprisingly ergonomic grip for such a compact tool, it’s the smooth operator that your everyday carry has been waiting for.
  • Smooth Operation Ball bearing spinner in the driver enables quick take down or assembly of parts
  • Easy and Secure Magnet in driver tip secures driver bit
  • Compact Utility Driver easily fits in your hand allowing more control for precision work
  • Maximum Control Textured brass driver for grip
Joe Wu portrait

DesignerJoe WuMountain View, California

Always tinkering and seeking new ways to improve existing designs, Joe Wu got his start in product design with Scout Leather Co. by making products from personal necessity and experience. He’s been taking his ideas and honing his shop skills over the last few years by using traditional methods with a modern approach. His designs and ideas are driven by simplicity and the user experience; good design doesn’t have to be complicated.

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