D2738ChoganMattock Sheath


Chogan™ Mattock Sheath vertical profile
Chogan™ Mattock Sheath profile horizontal
Chogan™ Mattock Sheath angled tip
A versatile, rugged sheath built for the Chogan™ Mattock.

As durable as it is functional, this woven nylon sheath is designed to carry Chogan™ Mattock tool head and handle in a compact, secure package. Once the tool head is removed from the handle, both pieces are securely held in place in separate compartments in the sheath and tucked away in a backpack or vehicle to save space.
  • Built Tough Woven nylon sheath is lightweight and durable
  • Useful Utility Sheath carries 2378 Chogan™ Mattock axe head and handle