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Serve. Protect.

Joe Caswell is pulling the folder into the future whether it’s ready or not.

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The folder has been around for over 2,500 years and it might have gone untouched for another century if one designer hadn’t posed a simple question: how can you keep your fingers out of the rotational path of the blade? His answer is resounding.

Around here, we think of Designer Joe Caswell as somewhat of a mad scientist. And when we got an eyeful of the sketches that were to become the Provoke™, we knew he was destined to become one of the most innovative designers the knife world has ever seen. Now that it’s finally ready to get put to work in the hands of hardworking people, it’s clear: Kinematic™ is pulling the folder into the future whether it’s ready or not.

Joe CaswellNewbury Park, California

Moto journalist. Viking sword pattern welder. Inventor. Amateur patent attorney. Custom knife designer. It’s safe to say that Joe is cut of a special cloth. And now, he can add “industry disrupter” to his resume. With the release of Kinematic™, he invariably secures himself a position among the knife world’s greatest. From humble beginnings in his homemade forge occupying his rented condo’s garage, he’s built a name for himself one hard working late night at a time, and we can’t wait to see what comes from his inspired creativity next.

Provoke Knife

Provoke™Designed by Joe Caswell in California

Serve. Protect. The Provoke™ knife draws on ancient karambit design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret. The first knife ever to feature Kinematic™ technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit and comes to life when there’s trouble afoot.

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