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Designed by world-class knife maker, Ken Onion, Field Strip lets you easily disassemble your knife whenever, wherever—without tools.

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How It Works


Take Apart

1. With knife in the closed position, push lever up.

2. Rotate wheel clockwise until handles separate.

3. Handles and blade should separate easily.


1. Press and hold pivot.

2. Rotate wheel counter clockwise until snug.

3. Push lever down.

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Ken Onion

Kaneohe, HI

Ken is the real deal. The youngest ever inductee into the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame in 2008, he is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful knife designers of all time. In 1996 he created the first commercially successful assisted opening mechanism, which many knives continue to use today. Designer of the successful Eros™ folder series, as well as the award winning Hi-Jinx™, and new Homefront™ knife, Ken never seems to be at a loss for ideas.


Designed by Ken Onion in Kaneohe, Hawaii

The new Homefront™ knife is the first in our fleet to feature "Field Strip" technology. This in-field, no-tool take apart capability lets you purge your most reliable companion of a hard day's grime right where you are, without ever returning to your workbench.

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