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Do You Really Know Deadbolt®?

Designer and inventor, Flavio Ikoma dreamed up his strongest innovation yet in one day. Then he built it to last.

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Portrait of Flavio Ikoma

Flavio Ikoma Presidente Prudente, Brazil

Some kids dream of being a ballplayer. Flavio wanted to be a knifemaker. In his adolescence, he worked on knives of the Japanese sword variety in his father’s shop. He has gone on to learn metallurgy, to work with Ken Onion, and to become a force for innovation. Not only has Flavio brought to market the revolutionary IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system (with Rick Lala), but he also showed the world that there’s impressive strength in simplicity with his game-changing Deadbolt® innovation.

From a bird’s eye view, even an amateur can pick out the true innovation from a sea of white-noise gimmicks. The dead giveaway: simplicity. In a world where “more” has somehow become synonymous with “better,” the true master uses subtlety to make his mark.

Flavio Ikoma creates at the intersection of simplicity and usability. When it comes to Deadbolt, you get that at a glance. But in hand is where it shines. Intuitive is an understatement, firing up and locking into place—one that’s proven to be outrageously strong—and a disengagement method that makes a slip joint look like it needs a manual.

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CRKT Seismic Knife

Seismic™Designed by Flavio Ikoma in Presidente Prudente, Brazil

Batten down the hatches. We’re convinced that the word “dainty” isn’t in Designer Flavio Ikoma’s vocabulary. We take his new Deadbolt® innovation as definitive proof. With it, the Seismic™ everyday carry folder has proven to be outrageously strong without compromising on simplicity or usability—it’s got other folders quaking in their boots.

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