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Ripsnort™ Folder} vertical profile
Ripsnort™ Folder profile horizontal
Ripsnort™ Folder angled tip
Ripsnort™ Folder angled back
Ripsnort™ Folder angled feature highlight
Ripsnort™ Folder angled feature highlight
The antithesis of delicate.

Sometimes you need a thin-as-a-razor, low-profile companion for fine-tuned tasks. This is not one of those times. Now in D2. The Ripsnort™ everyday carry knife is as beefy as it gets; the big a** blade is modeled after a cleaver. And it shows.
  • Exclusive Availability Available only from
  • Superior Performance D2 blade steel for excellent edge retention
  • Useful Utility Versatile cleaver blade for superior cutting
  • Easy Closing Liner lock can be easily closed with one hand
Philip Booth portrait

DesignerPhilip BoothIthaca, Michigan

Philip Booth is a modern day version of a human phoenix—when his art studio burned down in the late 80’s, it left his life’s work of paintings and art prints reduced to ashes. Instead of letting it knock him down, he was reborn as a knife maker, and has since swept up a handful of prestigious awards like the Blade Show’s 2016 Most Innovative Design award, and their 2005 Best of the Rest award. He’s a mechanically orientated artist, and his innovative, artful tools are proof.

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