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5240Nirk Tighe 2Klecker Lock


Nirk™ Tighe 2 Klecker Lock vertical profile
Nirk™ Tighe 2 Klecker Lock profile horizontal
Nirk™ Tighe 2 Klecker Lock angled tip
Nirk™ Tighe 2 Klecker Lock angled back
Nirk™ Tighe 2 Klecker Lock angled feature highlight
Nirk™ Tighe 2 Klecker Lock angled feature highlight
Once your eyes lock on to the artistry in the skeletonized handle, you begin to see the true purity of the NIRK™ Tighe 2 form. Select from either the original NIRK™ Tighe, or the new smaller sized NIRK™ Tighe 2 to get the ultimate in mechanical simplicity masterfully designed into a knife form that takes metal work to a whole new level.

Brian Tighe and Glenn Klecker reinterpreted the Klecker NIRK™ custom folder with stainless steel being stamped and machined into a very dynamic, functional design. The steel frame is not only visually exciting, but offers a formidable cutting tool handle as well. Glenn's patent pending integral Lock Back mechanics are such that, the tighter you grip the handle—the stronger the blade lock-up. Brian's drop point blade design flows nicely from the handle shape, and its subtle recurve along the cutting edge is a nice touch as well. To keep the blade action smooth, a specially caged mini ball bearing system affords fast and smooth operation. A custom removable stainless steel clothing/gear clip is provided.
  • Innovative Patent Klecker Lock integrated into the handle for strength
  • Custom Stylings Two-tone titanium nitride finished handle has distinctive look
  • Classy Appearance Satin finish blade has a modern look