Automatic Warranty

Warranty for Automatic Knives

Our knives and tools have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

View the full CRKT warranty statement here -

If your Automatic knife qualifies for warranty, you must return it to the place you bought the knife.

Or you can download the Automatic Opening Knives Warranty Repair Request Form here:

Automatic Opening Knives Warranty Repair Request Form (Download PDF)
Download the Automatic Opening Knives Warranty Repair Request Form and return the knife and form to CRKT at the address below.

Do not ship via US Mail, doing so violates Federal Law.

You must complete the form and include it with your knife.

Otherwise we will not be able to return your knife.

This is the Federal Law.

Send your knife to:

Warranty Claims
Columbia River Knife & Tool
18348 SW 126th Place
Tualatin, OR 97062 USA

If you have any questions, Customer Service can be reached toll free at 1-800-891-3100.

Automatic Knife Operating Instructions

To Open:
Slide the safety lever* back to make sure it’s disengaged and grip the knife securely.
Push the activation button with your thumb – the blade will open and lock into position.
For additional security, move the safety lever* forward.

To Close:
Pull back on the safety lever* (if engaged) and push the activation button to release the blade from the opened and locked position.
Close the blade until it is secure in the handles.
Slide the safety lever forward to securely lock the blade in the closed position.

To Change Clip Position:
Use a T6 Torx® wrench to remove the clip screws.
Apply Blue Loc-Tite® and reinstall clip screws in desired location.

Automatic Knife Maintenance Instructions

We lubricate the pivot with Sentry Solutions® Hi-Slip Grease which will last a long time.
If the knife action slows, try a small amount of Break-Free® or a similar lubricant in the pivot area.
Pivot Adjustment/Frame Screws:
The pivot is secured with Red Loc-Tite®.
Do not attempt to adjust the pivot.
If the pivot screw becomes loose, new Red Loc-Tite® must be applied.
Do not attempt to adjust the frame screws; adjusting the frame screws breaks the Loc-Tite® seal.

The blade steel is high carbon CPM154 and the exposed edge will rust if not properly maintained.
Carefully apply a light coating of 3-in-1 oil to the cutting edge periodically.

CPM154 is a very hard, high performance steel, and sharpening can be a challenge.
We recommend taking your knife to a professional for sharpening.
CRKT does not currently offer in-house sharpening services.
We can recommend Tom Veff “Edgeologist” for sharpening services. Tom can be reached here.