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Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A — January 17, 2017

New traditionally-modeled camp axe belongs in your cabin.

CRKT® is releasing the Woods Nobo™ two-handed camp axe. Designed by Ryan Johnson of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this powerful wood-chopping machine will make your life easier when you’re off the grid.

Johnson’s shop, RMJ Tactical, is widely regarded as one of the top custom tool manufacturers in the industry. He’s a specialist in applying modern engineering to centuries old tool and weapon concepts, and he’s upping the ante once again with a new outdoor tomahawk that swings as big as the open wilderness in which it’s found.

This 3.5” chunk of 1055 carbon steel is hot forged into a rock-solid head and features a hammer finish. With primary and secondary edge bevels that are flat ground, it cuts through timber like a beaver.

The thick wood handle is made in the USA from Tennessee hickory. It's comfortable in hand and sealed with a lacquer coat that adds durability whenever you're in the backcountry—in other words, all the time.

Ryan Johnson aimed to model this one after the classic trade tomahawks common during the 18th century. Carried by Native Americans and frontiersmen alike, this remake is made less for self-defense, and more for battle with a few old Doug Firs.

Grab hold of the Woods Nobo™ T-Hawk and split some wood—like a cord’s worth.

The Woods Nobo™ manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $69.99

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Product Specifications

SKU: 2732
Blade: Length: 3.471” (88.1 mm)
Edge: Plain Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel

Finish: Hammer Finish
Thickness: 0.460” (11.6 mm)
Overall: 19.13” (485.9 mm)
Weight: 153.1 oz. (4340.3 g)
Handle: Tennessee Hickory

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