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2017 CRKT® CST

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Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A — January 17, 2017

New tool to replace trauma shears in the field designed by an Army Medical Veteran.

CRKT® is releasing the CST (Combat Stripping Tool), a utility blade designed to pick up the slack that trauma shears create in extremely time-sensitive medical situations. Designed by Army Medical Veteran, Kelly L. Rodriguez of Fayetteville, North Carolina, with our Forged by War® Program, it’s her way of making sure someone’s looking out for her brothers and sisters in arms even if she’s back on the home front.

During Rodriguez’s experience abroad, she was thrown into intense trauma situations amid dirt, sand, and blood. She came to find that trauma shears would get gummed up and fail while she attempted to slice through patients’ clothes. The simple design of the CST sidesteps the situation altogether.

A Feather safety razor blade fits securely in the glass-reinforced nylon handle. The highly-ergonomic handle features two notches near the top for your first and second finger, so even under pressure, and even battling the elements, there’s little possibility of slipping. The CST comes with one backup blade, so you’ll never have to worry that your tool is anything but razor sharp. The handle also features an oxygen wrench and a built-in measuring scale, because seconds saved can translate to lives saved. The woven polyester sheath is MOLLE Gear compatible so it’s always at-hand.

When every last second counts, you can’t afford to second guess one of your most critical tools. CST to the rescue.

The CST manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $29.99

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Product Specifications

SKU: 9860
Blade: Length: 2.125” (53.9 mm)
Edge: Plain
Steel: Feather Safety Razor Blade SS
Finish: Satin
Thickness: 0.005” (0.1 mm)
Overall: 8.0” (203.2 mm)
Weight: 1.5 oz. (42.5 g)
Handle: Glass Reinforced Nylon
Style: Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath
Sheath: Material: Weaved Polyester
Weight: 1.6 oz. (45.3 g)

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