Keep your edge and serrations sharp so you can make short work of cutting tasks or just to create a little edge envy amongst your friends.

Being sharp becomes you.

What good is cutting tool that is unable to cut? Dull blades are not only a serious safety hazard, they're a tool tragedy that's easily avoidable.

When it comes to preferred sharpening stones or tools, wet or dry, sharpening fluid, and how to use a knife sharpener, it's like talking politics with your extended family: everyone has a different opinion. We've got a secret on our side.

The world's finest "Edgeologist" Tom Veff is not just responsible for dreaming up CRKT®'s exclusive Veef Serrations™, which dispatch rope and fibrous materials in record time, Tom also happens to be an expert when it comes to keeping all blades sharp.

Tom shares with you everything you need to know about expert knife sharpening in the following demostration video.

Abstract textured painting.

How to sharpena knife

Abstract textured painting.

How to sharpenVeff Serrations

Abstract textured painting.

How to sharpenVeff Flat Top Serrations®