Confidence in Hand®: more than just a strategy that guides our marketing, it’s our True North. It’s why we never stop releasing new creations and refining our best-loved knives to thrive in the most trying conditions imaginable. This year, the definitive proof lies in the evolution of our two momentous innovations: Deadbolt® and Kinematic™.

The designers we work with are among the best the industry has ever known. But when they are able to share ideas, that’s when remarkable things happen. As Deadbolt® and Kinematic™ have rippled through the sketchbooks and shops of CRKT® designers, our entire 2020 product line has felt the positive impact.

Explore the highlights of the powerful new lineup below.

Discovered in a private collection and brought to life.
The late Kit Carson’s memory is felt strongly throughout the industry—it shows in the absolute reverence the knife world has for his M16® designs. The M40™ everyday carry folding knife is based on a legacy custom design, but this version is reimagined with Deadbolt®, marrying classic design with contemporary innovation. Kit’s legacy just keeps growing. Shop the M40™-03. Shop the full M40™ family. Shop the full Deadbolt® family.

Drive it into your workday and it’ll bring BS to a screeching halt.
Hot on the heels of the Seismic™, Flavio Ikoma is at it again with a solid, no-nonsense everyday carry folding knife built on utility without compromising on aesthetics. The defining feature: Deadbolt®. Put it to the big jobs—dig into a pork loin or carve a wooden stake—and it won’t flinch. It’s also available in black with Veff Serrations™. Shop the Linchpin™. Shop the full Deadbolt® family.

Built like a Bluefin.
With a profile that suggests strong forward momentum and a blade shape that looks like a deep-sea carnivore, the Tuna™ everyday carry folding knife, designed by Lucas
Burnley, slices through packages and boxes faster than a Bluefin slices through the swell on a taut line. Shop the Tuna™.

Minimalist® Cleaver
Specifically built for anything that needs to be cut.
This compact fixed blade neck knife with tough handles has been given a throwback cleaver blade that always sparks campfire conversation. In the camp kitchen or around the house, Alan Folts designed it to feel equally at home. Shop the Minimalist® Cleaver. Shop the full Minimalist® family.

The knife version of a 4x4.
Inspired by the aesthetic of the classic crawling vehicle, the Overland™ outdoor folding knife is crafted to go off road. No matter if your camp kitchen is on a flat rock miles from anywhere or a picnic bench in the park, this knife was designed by TJ Schwarz to be perfectly suited for slicing the campfire-charred sirloin. Shop the Overland™.

Inspired by an ancient Aztec deity, built for the modern world.
Adorned in details yet powerfully simple, the Xolotl™ /show-low-tl/, created by Forged by War® designer Michael Rodriguez, is an everyday carry folding knife with a tactical spirit. It hardly occupies more space than a fountain pen but comes out swinging with a fast flipper opening and a sleek, spear-point blade. From the 14th century battlefield to the modern pocket, the Xolotl™ is the knife to have on hand. Shop the Xolotl™.

Built for bushcraft.
Deadbolt® is an industry shifting innovation on so many levels. TJ Schwarz just uncovered one more and put it into the Parascale™ outdoor folding knife. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen a paracord-wrapped folder before, it’s because you probably haven’t—unlike a frame lock or liner lock, Deadbolt® only impacts the pivot, making the Parascale™ a highly useful outdoor folding companion. Shop the Parascale™. Shop the full Deadbolt® family.
Learn how to wrap your own Parascale knife.

Provoke™ First Responder
Serve. Protect.
The original Provoke™ designed crafted by Joe Caswell changed everything the industry knew about a folding knife. Now, the Provoke™ is back. The Provoke™ First Responder morphing karambit knife is among the first to feature Kinematic™ technology, staying neatly tucked away in transit and coming to life when there’s trouble afoot. And the multiple carry options plus a glass breaker were designed specifically with men and women in uniform in mind. It’s also available in earth and white colors and with Veff Serrations™. Shop the Provoke™ First Responder. Shop the Kinematic™ family.

Each year we’re downright blown away by the grit, intuition, and the sheer creative intelligence of the designers with whom we work. This year, clearly, is no difference. As always, thank you for choosing to carry CRKT® knives and tools. Follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.