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  1. The 2020 Lineup

    The 2020 Lineup

    Confidence in Hand®: more than just a strategy that guides our marketing, it’s our True North. It’s why we never stop releasing new creations and refining our best-loved knives to thrive in the most trying conditions imaginable. This year, the definitive proof lies in the evolution of our two momentous innovations: Deadbolt® and Kinematic™. The designers we work with...
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  2. #BRNLY365 | A Lucas Burnley Blog

    #BRNLY365 | A Lucas Burnley Blog

    Our legacy as a company is in the hands of the best designers and custom knifemakers the industry has ever seen. In a truly collaborative environment, we work with these men and women to make their designs accessible to a wide audience while still preserving the heart and soul that was forged into each and every one. In this...
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