Everyday carry knife

  1. Deadbolt: Strength in Simplicity

    Deadbolt: Strength in Simplicity

    Flavio Ikoma is a legacy designer at CRKT—his powerful designs and hardworking knives are defining pillars that have held CRKT up for a quarter century. So when Ken Onion approached Doug Flagg, CRKT’s VP of Marketing and Innovation, with an incredible new knife design and a need for an equally powerful mechanism, he knew just who to call. Flavio’s...
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  2. #BRNLY365 | A Lucas Burnley Blog

    #BRNLY365 | A Lucas Burnley Blog

    Our legacy as a company is in the hands of the best designers and custom knifemakers the industry has ever seen. In a truly collaborative environment, we work with these men and women to make their designs accessible to a wide audience while still preserving the heart and soul that was forged into each and every one. In this...
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  3. CRKT HVAS™ | A Jesper Voxnaes Design

    CRKT HVAS™ | A Jesper Voxnaes Design

    A MINIMALIST'S EVERYDAY CARRY OVER-EQUIPPED FOR BIG ADVENTURE. Humility, precision, and an extreme degree of competence converge to paint the picture of Jesper Voxnaes as we know him. These qualities mimic his Scandinavian roots, his Danish heritage, and the life he chooses for himself outside the shop—one that’s spent exploring the surging seas, deep fjords, and wide-open spaces of...
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