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  1. Looking to 2017

    Looking to 2017

    Innovation Never Rests At CRKT®, we’ve always been fascinated by the bravery and perseverance of Lewis and Clark’s expedition. The tribulation they endured for the promise of discovery is inspiring and reflective of all that we love about this great country. The fact that some of their most notable experiences took place in our rugged backyard makes us proud that CRKT® has called Oregon home for over 20 years. Continue reading
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  2. Sharp New Website, Same Trusted CRKT

    Sharp New Website, Same Trusted CRKT

    We use three tenets to define what we believe in at CRKT: hard work, grit, and determination. We uphold them for every tool that earns itself a place in our lineup, and we used the same sky-high standard for our brand new website. You’re here, so we know you’re one of the first to get a peek of our new...
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