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  1. Making a Knife: Ken Onion

    Making a Knife: Ken Onion

    In the knife world, some designers specialize in custom art pieces, while others refine existing designs for purpose-built applications. Then there’s Ken Onion. Few designers have the capability to actually shift the definition of a common pocket knife. Ken is that designer. He’s not content simply reinventing what a knife can do, but what it can be. There’s a...
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  2. Looking to 2017

    Looking to 2017

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  3. Sharp New Website, Same Trusted CRKT

    Sharp New Website, Same Trusted CRKT

    We use three tenets to define what we believe in at CRKT: hard work, grit, and determination. We uphold them for every tool that earns itself a place in our lineup, and we used the same sky-high standard for our brand new website. You’re here, so we know you’re one of the first to get a peek...
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