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  1. The Workhorse Gift Collection

    The Workhorse Gift Collection

    Knives designed with those on the frontlines in mind. When you need a tool that is reliable, precise, and able to get the job done in a swift and intentional manner, look no further than our Workhorse Knives collection. Designed for anyone who truly relies on their tools, rest assured they will receive a trusty partner as their Holiday gift...
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  2. Stocking Stuffers with a Utilitarian Spin

    Stocking Stuffers with a Utilitarian Spin

    Small enough to fit in a stocking, with the potential to complete any big project. Shop for innovative, utilitarian, stocking stuffers that improve any toolbox or go-bag.  PRYMA™ With clear Scandinavian design, Jesper Voxnaes delivers a multi-tool that can hang inconspicuously from your keyring. From a bottle opener to glass breaker in emergency situations, this unique gift steps in where...
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  3. Gifts to Brighten the Season: The Shiny Things Collection

    Gifts to Brighten the Season: The Shiny Things Collection

    When it comes to gift-giving, the more unique, the better. Browse an ample selection of knives that are not only functional but aesthetically eye-catching. From world-renowned craftsmen, CRKT’s “Shiny Things” offer gifts of high caliber, utility, and unmatched style. LANNY Craftsman Liong Mah takes a classic slip joint style and brings it into the future with the Assisted Opening innovation...
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