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  1. CRKT HVAS™ | A Jesper Voxnaes Design

    CRKT HVAS™ | A Jesper Voxnaes Design

    A MINIMALIST'S EVERYDAY CARRY OVER-EQUIPPED FOR BIG ADVENTURE. Humility, precision, and an extreme degree of competence converge to paint the picture of Jesper Voxnaes as we know him. These qualities mimic his Scandinavian roots, his Danish heritage, and the life he chooses for himself outside the shop—one that’s spent exploring the surging seas, deep fjords, and wide-open spaces of his...
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  2. CRKT Gōken | A James Williams Design

    CRKT Gōken | A James Williams Design

    A SLEEK, TACTICAL, FOLDER WITH A POWERFUL SECRET. Anyone with even an entry-level knowledge of self defense, martial arts, and samurai swordsmanship is familiar with the legendary James Williams. As the father of the System of Strategy, James lives and breathes knives, swords, and tactical tools. For over a half century, James has been studying these disciplines. From Japanese, Okinawan...
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  3. CRKT Raikiri™ | A Dew Hara Design

    CRKT Raikiri™ | A Dew Hara Design

    AN EVERYDAY CARRY DEEPLY ROOTED IN JAPANESE HERITAGE. Dew Hara is an artist through and through. He’s an accomplished photographer, he spent 10 years as a web designer, and, most notably in our sharp-edged world, he’s created one of the flagship folding knives in our 2018 lineup: The Raikiri™. It’s a reflection of the defining pillars of his style and...
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