Take Apart and Clean Your Knife, No Tools Required with Field Strip Technology by Ken Onion

Picture this: you’re miles away from the car with only the essentials and you find yourself needing to cut a trap line in the rain. As dutifully as ever, your folding pocket knife does the trick, slicing straight through. There’s only one problem: even though you wipe the blade on your pants, there’s mud everywhere, and as you push back the locking liner, the blade grittily scrapes closed, squelching into a base and interior gummed up with residual mud.


Real knives—the workhorses, our daily companions—are tools that hunters, mechanics, artisans, and the like use every day in environments full of mud, blood, grease, sand, and fuzz. Maintaining a critical daily tool is a no-brainer, but it’s not always possible to return to the bench every time to get it done. That’s where the legendary Ken Onion stepped in.

The Birth of the Homefront™

Ten years ago Ken pointed out that, when it comes to ease of maintenance, the knife industry was lagging far behind. For soldiers in the field, to mechanics, and everyone in between, the challenge of taking a slice of time out of their days to return to their benches and meticulously keep track of small screws and too many moving parts was cumbersome and unrealistic. In true Ken form, he tackled the problem with grit and fiery passion. The result: The Homefront™.


A Game-Changing Pocket Knife

They say the simplest solutions are the most difficult to conceive and perfect. This rings true for Field Strip technology. Ken Onion spent a tedious ten years honing and refining. We’re confident in saying that the result is pure genius. See for yourself.

There are four different CRKT® knives privy to Field Strip technology: The Homefront™, the Homefront™ EDC, the Homefront™ Hunter, and the Homefront™ Tactical, each built for capability and high performance in their respective fields.

We couldn’t be prouder to have a history with Ken Onion–he’s been an integral part of the CRKT® foundation for over a decade. His passion and drive to constantly create game-changing innovations are serious contributing factors to everything we love about coming to work. If you’re reading this, thanks Ken.

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