Humility, precision, and an extreme degree of competence converge to paint the picture of Jesper Voxnaes as we know him. These qualities mimic his Scandinavian roots, his Danish heritage, and the life he chooses for himself outside the shop—one that’s spent exploring the surging seas, deep fjords, and wide-open spaces of his backyard.

Ask him what his process looks like, and he’ll reply simply and frankly: “I’ll take pen to paper, take the ideas into CAD, and I’ll pick a design and make a knife.” From there, it’s straight into the field. So when he reaches for that knife in the backcountry, miles from anywhere, he expects it to perform. In fact, he designs it to do just that.

Though his entire line of knives and tools reflect the place he calls home, none may pay better homage than the new HVAS™. The name itself (pronounced simply vas) even harkens to the knife’s Old Norse roots, translating to “sharp” in the ancient language. This time, though, he’s done something completely different—he’s employed Field Strip Technology. The landscape-shifting innovation made waves with Ken Onion’s Homefront™ and has since been adopted by top CRKT® designers. Field Strip’s ability to allow the outdoorsman to strip his knife for cleaning and maintenance without tools made it a clear starting block for Jesper. From that foundation, the rest of the sleek design emerged.


With a classic 3.3” drop point blade in a clean satin finish, it holds rank with the type of no-bullcrap folders that attract woodsmen and explorers. Likewise, the glass-reinforced nylon injection-molded handles provide excellent grip even with gloves, and are a formidable opponent for unexpected conditions.

Even if your own personal final frontier is simply your own unruly backyard, having the HVAS™ on hand puts you at a distinct advantage over whatever adversity may come your way.

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