Tent, stove, fire starter, and a six pack. Check. Most of us have been camping since before we were big enough to pick up a tomahawk and had our gear list dialed in soon after. Now, we’re occupied with honing in. But with the quality and particularities of camp gear—knives and edged tools especially—changing so quickly, we’ve had to rewrite our own camping playbooks a time or two over the years since that first time one of our parents handed us a dull, hand-me-down hatchet and told us to go out into the woods and gather firewood.

Only the Essentials

We assembled an internal team and asked them one simple question: what do you take with you? After a few beers, some lively debate, and just a little bit of compromise, these guys assembled the ultimate pack list. We liked it so much, we made an official kit out of it. And thus, The Outdoor Kit was born.

Each guy—though all three are Oregon natives—had a unique perspective to bring to the table. Another thing they have in common is that they’re experts in our industry and have opinions to prove it. Needless to say, we had a good time.

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Each tool was chosen for its individual prowess as well as its ability to pick up right where one of the others leaves off. When we stand back, we’re hard pressed to dream up any camp task that can’t be matched with this kit.

1 - Woods Chogan™: This powerhouse’s inclusion in the list was a unanimous no-brainer. More robust than a hatchet, yet still compact enough to excel in finer tasks like field dressing a buck, it’s an all-around winner.

Camping Blog T Hawk

2 - Batum™ Compact: No one should be caught dead without a pocket knife in their camp pants. The Batum™ is a downright workhorse. And, we know that renowned designer Jesper Voxnaes takes it with him when he ventures out into his fjord-speckled, high-mountain-punctuated backyard. If there’s anyone we’d trust when it comes to camping gear must-haves, it’s him.

3 - Eat'N Tool™: Spoon. Fork. Screwdriver. Hex. Bottle Opener. ‘Nuff said.

4 - Minimalist® Bowie: Light enough that you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it and burly enough it can take on anything. That’s the winning combination in our camping book. It’ll gut a fish like a osprey then widdle your s’more stick without skipping a beat.

Camping Blog Minimalist

5 - Micro Tool & Keychain Sharpener™: If you’re walking around the backwoods with a dull knife, you might as well load your pockets with rocks because they’re nearly as useful. The Micro Tool & Keychain Sharpener™ ensures your best, most competent foot is forward.

Throw it all into the burly nylon CRKT® bag, top yourself off with a CRKT® logo hat, and you just might be mistaken for Daniel Boone.

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