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  1. Three Classic Everyday Carry Knives

    EDC Spotlight on Ken Onion and Jesper Voxnaes We’re of the opinion that a person’s choice of an everyday carry knife says a lot. It’s a tangible commentary on personality and personal philosophy. Sometimes, from just a glance at the pocket clip, we can differentiate between the outdoorsy type and the type that whiles weekends away in a dimly-lit garage...
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  2. The 2020 Lineup

    The 2020 Lineup

    Confidence in Hand®: more than just a strategy that guides our marketing, it’s our True North. It’s why we never stop releasing new creations and refining our best-loved knives to thrive in the most trying conditions imaginable. This year, the definitive proof lies in the evolution of our two momentous innovations: Deadbolt® and Kinematic™. The designers we work with...
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  3. The New Face of Confidence in Hand®: Meet President Mark Schreiber

    The New Face of Confidence in Hand®: Meet President Mark Schreiber

    2019 marks a quarter century in business. As with all momentous milestones, it has been a time to reflect on all the big wins over the years as well as look forward to the exciting frontiers ahead. For Founder and Chairman Rod Bremer, the anniversary was bittersweet. “It’s been one of the great honors of my life to work alongside...
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