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  1. Brian Prange and the Tailbone™

      The chilly sun is just rising into the tall, swaying grass as the massive hydraulic door swings slowly out into the late-summer dawn in Hood River, Oregon. Brian Prange, co-owner of TacAero strides across the clean-swept floor past two-seater planes both freshly-built and storied and vintage. Even amid the immaculate and colorful planes, the cobalt blue mustang with thick...
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  2. Pro Fishing Guide Kevin Newell and Field Strip Gen II

    It was a misty, pre-dawn morning on Dock One in Astoria, Oregon. Soft yellow lights illuminate patches of weathered, well-worn decking and 30 or so boats gently press up against their buoys. Skeletal masts of sailboats reach up towards the low-hanging marine layer and short skiffs bob in between, set with seats in neat rows. In the middle of it...
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  3. Introducing Two New Innovations: Field Strip Gen II and Assisted Opening

    Most of the year we’ve got the throttle fully punched. It takes our full team working—at what sometimes feels like mach speed—to bring our newest line of knives and tools to life. To you. Every day we show up feeling proud of what we do. But no moment better illustrates this than when we get to step back and show...
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