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Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson

Rated: 4.5/5
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(2735) Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson
(2735) Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson
(2735) Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson
(2735) Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson
(2735) Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson
2735 description
Build a Nice Log Cabin Fire. Heck, Build a Nice Log Cabin Home.

This two-handed camp axe with a hickory handle, hot forged blade, and spike end will make your life easier when you're off the grid.

Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanooga, TN designed The Woods Kangee™ T-hawk. A specialist in applying modern engineering to centuries old tool and weapon concepts, he is upping the ante once again with a new outdoor line of tomahawks that swing as big as the open wilderness where they're found.

The design for this T-Hawk evolved from the popular and original tactical tomahawk series. But it's built for battle with a few old Doug Firs. The Woods Kangee™ is made from a solid chunk of 1055 carbon steel that is hot forged into a rock-solid head and features a hammer finish. With primary and secondary edge bevels that are flat ground, it cuts through timber like a beaver. A spike on the opposite end splits ultra-tough wood knots like a boss.

The thick wood handle is made in the USA from Tennessee hickory. It's comfortable in hand and sealed with a lacquer coat that adds durability whenever you're in the backcountry—in other words, all the time.

Grab hold of the Woods Kangee™ T-Hawk and split some wood—like a cord's worth.

NOTE: Leather sheath is available as an after-market add-on. It is not included. But don't worry. You won't want to keep this baby wrapped up.

Also available:

Woods Kangee™ T-Hawk Leather Sheath (D2735)

Woods Chogan™ T-Hawk Leather Sheath (D2730)

Woods Chogan™ T-Hawk with a Hammerhead (2730)

Woods T-Hawk Replacement Handle (2730-2)

*Although we know the temptation is great, we do not advise throwing this specific tool for safety and potential void of warranty reasons.

2735 ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 4
 4.5/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 4
  • 2014-11-15
    Santa Fe, NM
I spend a lot of time in the woods camping. I'm always on the lookout for useful tools that get the job done and aren't too heavy. The Woods Kangee 'hawk is a great tool Despite the reputation of a tomahawk I find this tool to be extremely useful for chopping wood and digging rocks and roots. The head is well executed and the handle is sized just right. One major advantage (which many don't think about): if the handle breaks in the woods you can fashion another on the spot using the tool itself. No shaping, no wedges, nada, just slip the head on, give it a solid tap or two and keep going. Another feature: you can remove the head, use it by itself as a hand tool, then put it back on when you're done. Forget the 'hawk karma and discover a really useful tool sold at a fair price.

  • 2014-09-05
    Portland, OR
Awesome high quality, perfectly balanced axe for chopping and self defense. The quality is understated compare to the competition. This is solid, hefty , and the axe head does not budge like Cold Steel axes whose reviews said the had to wrap the axe head to the handle with electrical tape. As a very experienced woodmen and zombie enemy, I have to say this is the best pick axe for camping and self defense on the market. You won't be disappointed. Questions?: email me at hauckgraphics. Com

  • 2014-08-22
    little rock, AR
I love my hawk I meet the designer a few years ago and was excited to get this hawk

  • 2014-08-16
    Wilderville, OR
A NICE piece of high quality equipment. i was so impressed with the unit, I purchased at full MSRP. After purchasing, I was able to find the tomahawk for as low as 39.95. Quite the difference from the $69.99 shipping cost I paid directly to the manufacturer. This MSRP does NOT include a sheath, either. If the equipment interests you, look around, the price can be lowered, dramatically: CRKT Response - On our website we do sell at full MSRP due to the fact that we do not want to compete with our dealers.

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Woods Kangee T-Hawk - Designed by Ryan Johnson

Item Number: 2735
Price: $69.99
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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length19.13 inches
Weight1 lbs 15.7 ounces

Length4.37 inches
Thickness0.4 inches
Material1055 Carbon Steel
FinishHammer Finish
StyleFront: Axe Back: Spike

MaterialTennessee Hickory

Product Information
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