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Tactical Knives

CRKT takes personal responsibility seriously. Only you are responsible for your family's safety and your own safety. To do this you need to be aware of your surroundings and have the right tools. CRKT teamed up with James Williams to develop tactical knife products that meet his demanding standards. These products need to perform flawlessly in all conditions. In a tactical situation there is no time for malfunctions or mistakes.

So please take the time to look at the tactical knives CRKT has to offer. We think you will agree that the tools we offer could save your life!
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  • What's New-Tactical
    What's New-Tactical
    When looking for a tactical knife you should ask someone with experience to tell you what works and what doesn't work. CRKT uses experienced designers to develop their tactical knives. You can see the newest models here.

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  • Folding Tactical Knives
    Folding Tactical Knives
    Finding the right tactical folder is a personal experience. Whether you are looking for big and strong or small and swift CRKT offers a great selection of tactical folders.

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  • Fixed Blade Tactical Knives
    Fixed Blade Tactical Knives
    No matter what you want in a tactical fixed blade, CRKT offers a great selection of knives that are sturdy, reliable and useful in tactical situations!

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  • Tomahawks
    Breaching tool. Door busting tool. Tactical tomahawk. No matter what you call these t-hawks, they're hard core and they're ready for action.

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  • ER Knives
    ER Knives
    A first responder knife doesn't leave room for errors and missteps. When lives are on the line, our tools show up ready to keep victims and emergency personnel safe.

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  • Tactical Pens
    Tactical Pens
    Tactical pens give you the strategic advantage in areas where other self-defense tools are prohibited. Don't write off your safety. Carry a tactical pen.

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  • Tactical Accessories
    Tactical Accessories
    Tactical accessories are the tools you need for battle. These tactical tools can dig your foxhole or secure your gear for a long patrol.

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