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Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma

Rated: 4.1/5
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(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
(5470) Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma
5470 description
Makes All Your Other Stylish Knives Extinct. It's a knife that harkens back to another era. But with a hammered two-tone handle and IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system, this one will never get old—especially when it comes to cutting tasks.

The Fossil™ combines the best from designer Flavio Ikoma of Presidente Prudente, Brazil. With styling cues found on his previous Sampa™ and Carajas™ models, it ramps up the artistic flair to create a piece that is clearly Ikoma, yet distinctively a new breed of EDC folder.

The knife has a distinctive, prehistoric look. But it goes through jobs like a T-rex on stainless steel steroids courtesy of a hollow drop point blade style that makes practically anything in its path history.

A one-of-a-kind looking pocket knife, it features the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system, combined with an opening flipper the result is blade deployment that is smooth and fast. A thumb hole cutout in the blade gives you a second option for opening the knife. The flipper also turns into a handsome finger guard when the blade is open. In the features department, it's survival of the fittest.

While the Fossil™ is hardcore on the inside, it's gorgeous on the outside. The handles are made of stain-less steel with a unique hammered finish. Contoured multi-colored G10 handle overlays make it look like a gator. But the blade won't come down and bite you in the open position thanks to a frame lock.

Reach for the next evolution in well-crafted everyday carry knives - The Fossil™.

Also Available:

Fossil™ Compact (5460)

Fossil™ Black w/Veff Serrations™ (5471K)

5470 ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 12
 4.1/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 12
  • 2016-07-10
    McKenzie, TN
I've recently received a Fossil, as a gift, and I absolutely love it It's an essential part of my EDC gear, and I never get dressed without it I would love to see this knife in a fixed blade version. Is there any chance that you guys could make this a reality? Until now, I've always been a Gerber or Kershaw fan, but from here on out, any knife added to my collection will be a CRKT product

  • 2016-05-22
    Denver, CO
I just picked this one up... amazing blade. But what can one expect from a high quality company, any time if you ask what's in my pocket its almost always a CRKT, I have m16s, m21s, a hissatsu, and this fossil. At this price point, you cannot find higher quality craftsmenship

  • 2016-05-15
    Mount Vernon, MO
I just bought this knife today it's a very beautiful looking knife lightweight easy on wallet and very reasonable price extremely sharp especially the assistant opening very smooth and fast overall it's a great knife I would recommend it to a friend or family member Derrick Padilla mount Vernon Missouri

  • 2016-05-04
    Orlando, FL
A simply elegant and razor sharp knife. A great design and beautiful appearance makes it not only efficient at everyday tasks but makes it a good looking EDC and a great conversation piece. This is the blade that made me fall in love with ball bearing systems in CRKT knives. It deploys so fluidly and the blade holds an amazing edge. The designer really took time to create not only a tough knife but an attractive one. Anyone looking for a practical, efficient and good-looking EDC pocket knife I highly recommend it. Thanks CRKT for doing what you do so well.

  • 2016-02-17
    Mansfield, OH
The Foasil with its almost 4 inch blade is a breakthrough. Has a perfectly centered blade with no movement in any direction when locked. Easy to adjust. Excellent caged bearing system works well against the hard stainless scales. Does not have loose bearings. The blade falls completely free when unlocked and goes to the closed position by itself. The well placed detent allows the knive to unlock without struggling to get past the detent. What a pleasure to flip. It's fast and very smooth. The lighter weight for a knife this size has knocked out my usual daily carry that costs $600 more. Yes this knife is that good. The blade steel is known for its ease of sharpening and cuts phone book paper with easily right out of the box

  • 2016-01-10
    Burlington, NJ
Love the knife design and weight of it only problem was the clip the screws keep coming loose and clip geto bent very easily is there a replacement clip ? CRKT RESPONSE: Hello- thank you for the review. We do have a free parts request page at our website where you can go and request any parts you may need at any time. Here is the link: thank you!

  • 2015-08-20
    Hollister, FL
Mine is awesome The blade locks up like a $300 knife and the bearing system is as smooth as silk It gives a nice positive traction in the hand with minimal to no slip. For $39.97 at Walmart, this knife is hard to beat.

  • 2014-10-14
    St Paul, MN
Love it, love it, love it. This thing is a beast. Razor sharp out of the box and has everything I've wanted in an EDC knife. Blade just a hair under the 4" legal limit in my state. I have been looking for a non-assist knife which I can still open quickly and this is it. You hit the flipper and for the smoothness of the action it might as well be an assist open - it's that quick. Nice deep carry clip and it's got a very handsome appearance. Just opening it is enough to scare you half to death, which is just the effect I'm looking for. Thanks for the great design. CRKT is the only company I buy from.

  • 2014-09-17
    Folsom, CA
Awesome knife Love the feel and weight and the carry. Opens easily and fast with good grip to it. I'll be ordering a plain edge as well. Doug

  • 2014-05-07
    Baton Rouge, LA
I used to carry an M21-14SFG as my EDC...until I got the 5470 Fossil. This knife is amazing. It looks 10x better in person than it does in pictures. Out of the box it is razor sharp, lock up is like a fixed blade, and that silky smooth IKBS. Its hard to describe without feeling the heavy blade slice through the air, it's not rushed or hurried or flimsy. The action is very solid, very matter of fact, but it deploys so effortlessly. Detent is strong, it will not accidentally open. The steel is...what it is. Its not D2 or S30V but you can actually resharpen it at home and it takes an edge extremely well. The handle is small but because of the design and texturing you can get a very solid grip on this in either standard or reverse grip. Amazing knife,and for the price, it's a no brainer.

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Fossil - Designed by Flavio Ikoma

Item Number: 5470
Price: $89.99
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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length8.88 inches
Closed Length4.95 inches
Weight6.1 ounces

Length3.96 inches
Thickness0.15 inches
StyleDrop Point

Material2Cr13 Stainless with G10 Overlay

TypeFrame Lock

Carry SystemOne Position Clip

Product Information
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Flavio Ikoma
Flavio Ikoma is a Brazilian knife designer who says, Since I was a kid, my life was influenced by blades, mainly the Japanese style swords and knives. My first knives were made of bamboo. In my adolescence I started to work...
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