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Flavio Ikoma

Flavio Ikoma

Flavio Ikoma is a Brazilian knife designer who says, "Since I was a kid, my life was influenced by blades, mainly the Japanese style swords and knives. My first knives were made of bamboo. In my adolescence I started to work on my father's shop, where I had access to new tools and materials. My father always encouraged me. In 1986 I started my Mechanical Technician course, where I learned the basics of metallurgy. I started to make knives professionally for the Brazilian market in 1993, influenced by the guys from Korth Cutlery. In 2002 I invented IKBS along with the guys of Korth. This bearing system eliminates blade play and makes for a very smooth and fast action. In 2003 Duane Weikum helped me promote my knives in the U.S. market and establish my name as a custom maker. Making knives for me is not only a job I like, it is also a passion and an obsession. Every time I make a knife, I make it as if it was for myself, a costly and time consuming method, but the only way to ensure the quality my customers demand and deserve."
Knives Designed by Flavio Ikoma

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