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Van Hoy Biotac-Fixed Blade Carry System

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BIOTAC description
Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) is proud to introduce our new production Biotac fixed-blade carry system.

Designed by noted custom knife maker and inventor Ed Van Hoy, it uses nylon cord and a locking slider to place a knife in almost any inverted carry position desired. It is designed for carry of fixed-blade knives of all sizes which have a positive locking sheath with a detent or snap to securely hold the knife in place, such as those typically made of glass filled nylon or Kydex®.

Carry options include 1. Standard carry around the neck, fully adjustable for length; 2. Bio neck carry with underarm retention; 3. Bio neck carry with halter retention; 4. Waist carry, left or right; 5. Under shoulder carry with underarm retention; and 6. Small of back carry with dual shoulder cords.

The system works comfortably with open or concealed carry, and is adjustable to handle small to very large fixed blades. It is simple, lightweight, and inexpensive.

BIOTAC ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 1
 4.0/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 3
  • 2013-02-12
    Branson West, MO
Eddie Vab Hoy is one smart guy to come up with this design. There many knives that just don't lend themselves to traditional carry methods. This is a great alternative and let's me carry some of my bigger fixed blade knives. Thanks Gary Branson West, MO

  • 2012-12-29
    Vancouver, WA
Would be very helpful if the video were in focus. Need to have a good, clear shot of the connection to the sheath and where the "loop with Chicago Screw" is positioned. What is the hook for and where whould it be positioned in each mounting position? RR

  • 2012-12-28
    Lytle, TX
This is the carry system is just made for me,because I like wear tshirts or light shirts.This make carry a knife,undercover very well.Thanks for this great way of carrying a knife.

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Van Hoy Biotac-Fixed Blade Carry System

Item Number: BIOTAC
Price: $9.99

Product Specifications
Open Overall Length50 inches
Weight1 ounces

MaterialMil-Spec 550 Parachute Cord

Product Information
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Ed Van Hoy
Ed Van Hoy has been making custom knives since 1975, specializing in folding and fixed blade Damascus designs. His home and studio are in Abingdon, Virginia.
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