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Snap Lock PR


For immediate release.

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Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A.— January 19, 2010

The CRKT® Van Hoy Snap Lock™ family continues its popularity

as the most award-winning knife design we’ve ever made.

The Snap Lock™ and its smaller brother, the Snap Lock™ 2, both designed by Ed Van

Hoy and manufactured by Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®), continue to enjoy

phenomenal success, both with knife consumers and the knife industry.

When his custom Snap Lock™ was given the “Most Innovative Knife Award” at the

American Knifemakers’ Guild Show, we knew we had to offer a production version, and here

it is, the CRKT Snap Lock. It immediately won the Designer Knife award at the 2004 IWA

show in Nuremberg, Germany, and was named “Overall Knife of the Year” at the 2004 Blade

Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

When closed, the AUS 4 stainless steel wishbone frame is a 100% effective blade edge

guard; when open, it is a minimal but very usable handle. The harder you grip the handle, the

more it locks the blade in place, thanks to twelve positive locking surfaces between the frame

and locking lugs, so it is a very safe and secure system.

The next question was, “When can I get a smaller personal version?” Ultimately, we were

able to create the Snap Lock 2 at 70% of the original size, resulting in a little gem with a 1.75”

(44 mm) blade, weighing only 1.5 ounces (43 g).

Ed’s cam locking system features two thumb wheels, for truly ambidextrous use. The

pocket/money clips are removable, and left and right clips are included with the larger models.

The blade can pivot a full 360˚ with no clip, or 180˚ in either direction with a stainless steel

clip in place. Simply press the thumb wheel and rotate the blade. Opening and closing can be

accomplished with one hand and is truly slick and quick.

The AUS 4 stainless steel blade itself has a subtle drop point shape, almost a Wharncliffe,

and is available in both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated

edges. Five lightening holes also add a decorative touch.

Blade, frame, and clip have a contemporary bead-blast finish.

It has been called a “far-out folder” but the more you handle and carry the Snap Lock, the

more you realize it is one great work tool. All-steel construction means it is just about

indestructible, and will last for years. The handle itself is likely the biggest “spring” ever

devised for a knife-locking mechanism, so it will last for the life of the knife.

“The decisions of the jury were almost unanimous,” stated Margaret Spindler, Chair of the

IWA jury and consultant for the Knife Award. The jury commented, “Everything in one:

gadget, ornament, utensil and money clip.” MSRP for the Snap Lock is only $59.99, and for

the Snap Lock 2, $49.99.


The Snap Lock family is available in retail clampacks as the 5102C, 5112C, and 5120C.


Van Hoy Snap Lock™


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge


Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge


Length: 2.50” (64 mm)

Thickness: 0.12” (3.0 mm)

Steel: AUS 4, 55-57 HRC


Handle length: 4.25” (108 mm)


Overall length: 6.125” (156 mm)


Two, left and right, removable


2.7 oz. (77 g)


$59.99 US

Van Hoy Snap Lock™ 2


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge


Length: 1.75” (44 mm)

Thickness: 0.12” (3.0 mm)

Steel: AUS 4, 55-57 HRC


Handle length: 3.0” (76 mm)


Overall length: 4.375” (111 mm)


Single, right, removable


1.5 oz. (43 g)


$49.99 US

All CRKT knives are protected by the CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Columbia River Knife & Tool is dedicated to producing knives, tools, and accessories

of uncompromising quality and selling them at affordable prices. CRKT products are

distributed through specialty retail, sporting goods and cutlery stores that offer customers

knowledgeable service and are available from or other reputable web site


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