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Slip K.I.S.S. PR


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Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A.— January 19, 2010

Imagine a traditional slip-joint K.I.S.S.® pocket knife. You did.

And Ed Halligan once again gave a perfect shape to this vague idea.

It’s the CRKT® Slip K.I.S.S.®, now available in two sizes.

The noted architect Mies Van Der Rohe said, “Less is more.” And this Ed Halligan

design is an answer to your request for a little less of his very popular Columbia River

Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) K.I.S.S.® knives. We had customers say, “How about a simple

pocket knife version that uses a traditional slip joint? No frame locks, no clips. Just the

lightest possible knife for everyday pen knife chores like opening packages and

sharpening pencils.” We told Ed what you wanted.

Ed went away to his workshop in his usual quiet way, and one day a package arrived with

the prototype of our Slip K.I.S.S.® folder. The result is the lightest full-size K.I.S.S. knife yet.

It has a 2.75” blade, but weighs in at only 1.8 ounces.

This year, because you asked for it, we’re offering an even smaller model, the Slip K.I.S.S.®

2, which has a 2.375” blade and weighs just one ounce.

Ed has removed everything but the bare essentials, and in the process he has solved some

deceptively challenging design problems. For example, the classic slip-joint pocket knife

usually has a steel frame with full-length brass liners. Ed minimized the stainless steel frame,

and riveted on two small brass liners to locate the blade laterally. For proper blade/frame

alignment, Ed had to put a unique twist in the frame. In the process, there is a deep finger choil

for grip. As a final touch, the frame is engine turned, like the firewall on a vintage Bugatti

Type 37 racer.

Next, he added two carefully contoured scales for comfort and as blade guards, in strong and

lightweight translucent composite material. We offer a multicolor abalone shell look and also

a pearlescent anthracite gray.

The high-carbon steel blade looks at first glance like any other flat-ground drop point pocket

knife, with a nail nick for opening. But it is unusual in that the grind is asymmetrical—about

80% on the front, and nearly flat on the back—similar to other K.I.S.S. family designs.

No, the Slip K.I.S.S. models are not heavy-duty work knives. Our catalog is full of knives

with advanced locks and patented safeties for arduous cutting chores, so please choose one of

them if you have a rough job to do.

However, if you want a great lightweight pocket knife at a great price of only $19.99

MSRP for the larger models and $14.99 for the smaller models, with lots of style and a

little bling-bling, then look no further.


Slip K.I.S.S.®


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge, Multicolor Scales


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge, Anthracite Scales


Length: 2.75” (70 mm)

Thickness: 0.11” (2.8 mm)

Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC


Handle length: 3.60” (91 mm)


Overall length: 6.00” (152 mm)


1.8 oz. (51 g)


$19.99 US

All CRKT knives are protected by the CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Columbia River Knife & Tool is dedicated to producing knives, tools, and accessories

of uncompromising quality and selling them at affordable prices. CRKT products are

distributed through specialty retail, sporting goods and cutlery stores that offer customers

knowledgeable service and are available from or other reputable web site


# # #


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge, Multicolor Scales

Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge, Anthracite Scales

Length: 2.375” (60 mm)

Thickness: 0.08” (2.0 mm)

Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC

Handle length: 3.12” (79 mm)

Overall length: 5.25” (133 mm)

1.0 oz. (28 g)

$14.99 US









Slip K.I.S.S.® 2

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