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Ripple - Designed by Ken Onion

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(RippleBlack) Ripple - Designed by Ken Onion
RippleBlack description
Columbia River Knife & Tool® and noted knife designer Ken Onion are proud to introduce their first collaboration together, the Ripple K405 folding knife series. This knife is noteworthy for its exceptional manufacturing quality, premium stainless steel build, plus an almost unbelievable silky smooth and fast opening action thanks to the use of the IKBS internal knife ball-bearing system. The modified drop point blade has a high hollow grind, swedged top edge, and a high satin finish. Steel is premium Acuto, stainless, noted for its high chromium and molybdenum content and hardness of 59-60 HRC. It is instantly opened by pressing the blade flipper with either hand. For safety while closed, the blade has a ball detent. Even the best conventional blade pivot bearings have some degree of friction which resists initial movement, or "stiction." In contrast, the Ripple blade opening action is almost friction-free due to the IKBS ball-bearing system. This innovative and simple design places eight uncaged ball bearings on each side of the blade pivot in races which are machined into the stainless steel handle. It is compact and adjustable at the blade pivot screw if ever needed. Not only is opening and closing exceptionally smooth, the IKBS system is durable and requires little maintenance, and yields a folder with great rigidity and no blade play. The Ripple K405BX models are frame lock open build knives with stainless steel frames. In typical Ken Onion attention to detail, the frame lock does not create an unsightly gap in the right frame, but its cut is neatly integrated into the grip design of the frame, which is CNC machined with a complex "ripple" textured pattern plus 44 small lightening holes. The Ripple K405KXP and S receive a black titanium nitride coating, which we then hand buff to give a pocket worn look, that is to lightly reveal the underlying stainless steel on the high points. The Ripple K405KXP has a Razor-Sharp cutting edge, while the K405KXS features a combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point serrated cutting edge. Both models feature a removable stainless steel mirror-polished pocket clip, high-mounted, and also with small CNC-drilled holes. This knife combines brilliant design, custom knife quality, and advanced manufacturing technology in true Ken Onion fashion.

RippleBlack ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 2
 3.5/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 3
  • 2012-11-10
    Mechanicsburg, PA
I just got this knife off of my snap-on tool man. I always carry a pocket knife and I've instantly fallen in love with this one after unsuccessful attempts to replace a lost one that is no longer being made. I won't throw any names in here, but I've been trying to find a good at least semi-American made knife and where others have failed, the Ripple hit the nail right on the head for me. It's so slim and light you don't even feel it in your pocket. The clip is small, but strong so as not to be obstructive. Working in tight spaces around cars like I do, it's a very good feature. I don't have to worry so much about getting snagged or scratching paint. It's something that some other manufacturers seem to overlook. The blade is very sharp and releases smooth, quick and easy.

  • 2012-08-17
    Dade City, FL
Just got my new Ripple, and what a beauty it is I'm amazed at the quality that CRKT offers for the price point....I've owned "customs" that don't offer the same build quality. This Ripple is shaving sharp, beautifully designed with a blade that truly does Mr. Onion justice. This one is going to be my EDC....I's one that I can proudly show my friends. What a knife

  • 2012-05-27
    durham, NC
is the aluminum one the only one you can get from walmart? because thats where i got mine. not sure if its aluminum or not. and whats the difference between the aluminum one or the other one? is the "walmart" one better? ***CRKT RESPONSE - The Ripple Aluminum Model: K415KXP is the knife that was available at Walmart for a limited time. Due to increasing demand we recently made it available everywhere. It has been a fan favorite and has been noted as one of the best values in the marketplace. The Ripple Aluminum version does come with IKBS ball bearing system for a smooth, strong pivot. CRKT

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Ripple - Designed by Ken Onion

Item Number: RippleBlack
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Combination Edge(K405KXS) - $135.00
Razor Edge(K405KXP) - $135.00

Product Specifications
Open Overall Length7.5 inches
Closed Length4.375 inches
Weight2.9 ounces

Length3.125 inches
Thickness0.1 inches
StyleKen Onion Drop Point


TypeFrame Lock

Carry System1 Position Clip


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Ken Onion
Ken Onion - Though I have been a devout knife collector since childhood, collecting mostly production knives and anything else I could find, I was unaware of the custom knife industry until 1989 when...
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