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Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A.— January 19, 2010

Dana Bainbridge and Joe Sundby have their own ideas about the ideal

knives for extreme water sports. Introducting the CRKT® Norfork™


Dana Bainbridge and Joe Sundby, partners at Roundhouse Design Collective, in Portland,

Oregon, are whitewater and backcountry enthusiasts. Dana spends time kayaking and is well

trained in white-water rescue and backcountry safety. Joe lives in the Pacific Northwest and

spends his time surfing the Oregon Coast. They are constantly brainstorming on how to better

their equipment, and these two heavy-duty Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®)

Norfork™ knives are the result.

Both have 0.109” thick single-tang blades of high-hardness Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel,

mirror polished to resist corrosion. They have injection-molded black Zytel® handles, textured

for grip in the wet. Hi-vis lime green scales are also included. Torx® fasteners allow the Zytel

scales to be removed for complete cleaning after use in salt water, which we recommend. Both

have a lanyard loop at the butt.

Norfork™ Diver. This model is designed specifically for diving use, with a 3.125” stainless

steel blade with a blunt chisel tip for tapping and prying. It also has a line cutter on the top

edge, and a Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated cutting edge. The pry relief at the base of

the bottom edge can be used as an underwater pry tool, as well as a bottle opener.

Norfork™ Whitewater. This is a general utility knife with a 3.25” blade which is useful

around the camp and on the trail, as well as in canoes, kayaks, and rafts. It has a Razor-Sharp

and Triple-Point™ Serrated drop point blade, and also a line cutter and pry relief.

Convertible Sheath. Both knives use the Norfork sheath, a new positive locking

knife/sheath system which makes it just about impossible to accidentally release the knife. The

key is two heavily sprung catches at the front of the knife handle. Both must be deliberately

squeezed together with the hand to release the knife. This allows the sheath to be mounted

vertically, horizontally, or inverted with equal security in the roughest water.

The Zytel sheath includes a stainless steel clip with a retaining lip, and a removable

mounting panel for two neoprene leg straps, which are included.

These are strong and hefty knives designed to take a lot of abuse. And because of their

unique sheath locking system, you can be sure they will be right there when you need them.

Both Norfork models have a manufacturer’s suggested list price of only $69.99.



Norfork™ Diver


Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge, Blunt Tip


Length: 3.125” (79 mm)

Thickness: 0.109” (2.8 mm)

Steel: Sandvik 12C27, 59-61 HRC


Overall length: 8.00” (203 mm)


5.0 oz. (142 g)


$69.99 US

Norfork™ Whitewater


Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge, Drop Point Tip


Length: 3.25” (83 mm)

Thickness: 0.109” (2.8 mm)

Steel: Sandvik 12C27, 59-61 HRC


Overall length: 8.00” (203 mm)


5.0 oz. (142 g)


$69.99 US

Norfork™ Sheath (included with,and fits, both models)

Material: Zytel

Overall length: 3.88” (98 mm)

Width: 2.00” (51 mm)

Weight: 1.5 oz. (43 g)

All CRKT knives are protected by the CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Columbia River Knife & Tool is dedicated to producing knives, tools, and accessories

of uncompromising quality and selling them at affordable prices. CRKT products are

distributed through specialty retail, sporting goods and cutlery stores that offer customers

knowledgeable service and are available from or other reputable web site


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