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MerCop Mercharness System

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MERCHK description
George Matheis, known professionally as Mercop, is one of those big, burly cops who commands your respect instantly. As a certified weapons instructor at the state and federal level, he is a fan of inverted fixed-blade carry in Kydex® or glass filled nylon detented sheaths for emergency self-defense. But most harnesses are complex, bulky and uncomfortable. Neck chains require a tie-down to position the knife. So George developed his MercHarness, a revolutionary new way to carry fixed blades of any size.

The harness is a length of mil-spec paracord, gutted so it is flat. Soft rubber keepers allow adjustment of the harness even when wearing it. Users just tie the cord through the eyelets of their fixed blade sheath and slip the MercHarness over their shoulders.

George's key words are comfort and concealability. Comfort means you can carry even larger fixed blades such as the CRKT Hissatsu. The MercHarness can be worn under uniforms, tactical vests or casually under a T-shirt. It's durable, inexpensive, lightweight and moves with the body.

The MercHarness does not need tie-downs. You can position the knife under the arm or slightly forward and it stays oriented. Drawing from the MercHarness is lightning quick with either a cross draw to the forward grip, or a same-side draw to a reverse grip. So sometimes, simple really is better.

CAUTION: The CRKT MercHarness is intended for use only with molded and fitted fixed blade sheaths made of Kydex®, Concealex®, or glass filled nylon, which have a detent system designed to grip the knife during inverted carry. Do not attempt to use the MercHarness on leather sheaths, or on any sheath which because of wear or improper design, does not grip the knife securely. It is the responsibility of the user to determine that any sheath used with the MercHarness meets these criteria. Columbia River Knife & Tool is not responsible for loss or damage caused by failure of the MercHarness owner's sheath. Liability is solely limited to the replacement cost of any MercHarness which is defective in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase.
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MerCop Mercharness System

Item Number: MERCHK
Price: $9.99

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MaterialNylon Paracord

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George Matheis
George Matheis has over a decade of military and civilian law enforcement experience. A former Military Policeman in the U.S. Army, he now serves with a municipal police department.
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